thephantomsquee asked:

I can definitely see where you and medievalpoc are coming from RE: Game of Thrones. And I agree with you that, when we are made aware of such issues, we have a responsibility to correct them. I just want to put forward that GRRM has done a good job at writing women and LGBT+ characters, both often misrepresented in fantasy, and because of that, I can't help but feel that this complaint about race seems rather "he's not writing about the issues I want him to write about." What do you think?

(Continued disclaimer that I’m not only a white dude, but a cismale straight white dude. Interpret the following accordingly.)

I don’t think it’s like that at all. This isn’t about making racial inequality a theme of the book or an “issue” that the author is writing about — it’s two very specific critiques of the series: one is about lack of representation, and one is about the lazy methodology behind the representation that is there. By not including people of color as characters, and by relegating them to secondary character status or depicting them two- or one-dimensionally where they are included, Martin is continuing and contributing to problems that are pervasive in the fantasy genre as a whole (however unconsciously). I think that’s a fair critique to make, and different, I think, from saying that he isn’t writing about an issue that I want him to write about. 

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